Saturday, August 23, 2008

Who is that in there?

For about 6 dollars you too can give your baby hours of facinating playtime with the elusive "Baby in the Mirror"! I bought a cheap door mirror and stuck it horizontally on the wall. Will spends quite a lot of time looking at this facinating child!


Simmons Family said...

What a great idea! I had a mirror that I laid on the floor for Connor a couple times but he would crawl on it and I was afraid it would break. Babies are so fun to watch when they try to get that other kid in the mirror and just can't quite figure it out!

Little Blessings said...

Lucy is amazed that there is a mommy in the mirror and holding her at the same time. She keeps looking at mirror-mommy and smiling and then at me and smiling. I wonder if she has it figured out yet. Somehow I doubt it!

Kelly and Jason said...

One day a came up and kissed him on the cheek while he was watching me in the mirror and he jumped! He was shocked that what was happening in the mirror was also happening to him! It was very cute.