Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain picks a woman....Not surprised at all.

McCain picked Gov Palin of Alaska. Sounds good. Though I haven't finished my exhaustive investigation, I found that she seems like a good opponent. Qualifications so far: Governor for 2 years of AK, first woman governor, bachelors in journalism, short stint as a reporter. Married to a part Eskimo oil field worker, lifetime member of NRA, Catholic, Pro-life, won second place in Miss Alaska. She has 5 kids, one with Downs Syndrome, which she found out about during her pregnancy. I can't tell you how many points she earns in my mind for making that decision. I really respect her for keeping him. The DNC was great last night. Al Gore ROCKED!!! Obama's speech was very inspiring and eloquent. Jon Stewart was hilarious last night, he showed Obama being lifted up as a lion cub in the "Circle of Life" sequence from the Lion King. So Funny!
Now that McCain has his buddy the campaign can really get going! I love politics, my adrenaline gets going around now. I need to order my campaign support pack soon and start passing stuff out.


Little Blessings said...

It is funny. I don't really follow politics at all so I read your blog to find out all the good info. Maybe someday they will interest me. I must admit though that I do watch the presidential debates with interest. I am not so fond of the ads though. Too much mud slinging. At least in the debates I can hear what the candidate (or at least the committee) thinks about the issues. It will be interesting to see how this one pans out.

Kelly and Jason said...

I totally agree. It will be interesting to see how this one ends up. I used to be a McCain supporter and I was willing to vote across the line, but now he is bowing to the Republican Party too much so now my choice is Obama. McCain has an excellent sense of humor, but he isn't showing it which is too bad. Jason and I spend a lot of time on Politics, as well as my family, so there is really no way to avoid it around here.