Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hard at Work....

Will is moving more and more each day. Today he actually got his tummy up off the floor a couple of times! I will leave him in one spot for a few minutes to go do laundry or dishes and when I come back he is in a totally different part of the room! I am still shocked by it. Tonight after his bath he crawled all over me on the bed and actually seemed to want a snuggle, which was very cute. It's really the first time he has shown affection back. Tonight he also showed a new talent in the tub. He wanted to suck on the washcloth so I would squeeze it out and hand it to him. He sucked on it for a second and then would very purposefully dip it in the water and bring it back up to his mouth and suck happily. I wanted to know if he actually knew what he was doing so I made him do it four more times to see if he would repeat it and he did! Amazing. Next thing you know he will be using a spoon! He also ate yogurt for the first time and really seemed to like it. He ate the whole 4 oz container at one sitting! I think I will take the car some time this week. I need a small stroller for the car so I will browse the second hand stores. Not much has been going on with Jason or I, we are boring and spend our evenings happily watching Will chew on things and roll around. ( That sounds like a puppy!)

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