Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Whole Story (for those who would like to know)

So, I am ready to write, and I have a few moments between feeds. Tuesday the 3rd we arrived at the hospital at 4:30pm. They brought us to a room, hooked me up and a Dr came in to apply the cervidil. Within an hour I started having mild contractions, however not long after the baby started having heart decels. At first I was thinking, maybe it's picking up my pulse, but it was definitely the babies. It went down to the 90's and low 100's from the 140's. Quite scary. So they came in and pulled the cervidil. The contractions slowed and his heart rate returned to normal. I slept a little and one of the Dr.s came in to say that they were moving me to labor and delivery at 5 am to start the pitocin, etc. Wednesday morning at 5 they started that and I started having mild contractions immediately. At 8am they broke my water and I spent the next few hours sitting in a constantly filling puddle. The contractions were still manageable, but they kept turning up the pitocin so they were definitely getting harder to deal with. The Dr on call switched at noon, so Dr Glass came in and checked me and said I was 4cm, 90%, and the baby was still up at -2. I asked for the epidural at about 3pm. That was the greatest thing I have ever had in my life. It hurt putting it in, but it was SOOOOO worth it. It was like laboring on a beach, not a care in the world! I stayed sitting up and tried to maintain positions that would not hinder the labor. At 5, Dr Glass was going off so she checked before she left and said I was now at 6-7, so I felt very encouraged. She figured the baby would be born in the next couple of hours. THEN, Dr Goodman came in, very gruff, yelling at nurses at the station, and basically immediately making me fear him. He checked me and said that Dr Glass was cracked. He said I was "maybe a 5" and that the baby was still too high. The contractions were still too far apart for him and I was on the max of pitocin. He said he would give me another hour and then check again, but if I was no different then we would have to think of other options! EEEK! So after that stress I was no different in on hour. He came in, checked and said it was now a c- section. I asked him if I could labor a little longer , and he said and I Quote, " Listen, you can labor till the cows come home, but your not gonna get this baby out." So that was that. I was scared to say anything else and my options were gone. I also was worried about subjecting the baby to many more hours of very strong contractions. We went to the OR, got prepped, and then they got me on the table. They draped, topped off the epidural, and let Jason in. I lay there thinking, "Ok, I hate this, but soon I will have my baby." They started cutting and in a few minutes I heard a good strong cry. They took him over to the table and started drying him. I couldn't see him, but I could hear them working with him. They all laughed because he was peeing everywhere. Then the pediatrician called Jason over quietly. I heard Neonatologist. Then they quickly brought him over and kind of showed him to me. I couldn't really get a good look at him. They said he had an abdominal mass and need to be checked by the neonatologist right away. I sent Jason with him and they left. Then Dr Goodman, while sewing me up started to question me about my ultrasounds and why they hadn't seen the mass. As if I knew! I then became very nauseated and threw up in my hair while laying down. Very tricky. In recovery they brought the baby back so I could see it and they told me he would need to be in the NICU over night for observation and tests. I tried to feed him in recovery and attempted to grasp all that was happening. Jason stayed with me and they took the baby after about 40min. Jason went in to the NICU over night to check on him, and let me know how he was doing. The next morning I was told that he would have an ultrasound at 10am. At 9 am I wanted to get up and see him, but I still had a foley in and IV's. The next Dr on call came in then, a Dr Ashkin. I was crying, which I considered perfectly acceptable considering the circumstances. He questioned me as to why I was crying, if I had a history of depression. I explained that I think it was perfectly natural to be upset when you can't see your baby and there is a medical issue. He says, "Well, okay but if this doesn't clear up in week, call the office and we will start you on something" Like I had a rash or something!!! So irritating. I knew that I would be fine once I was with the baby. And for the most part I have been. More Later.


Simmons Family said...

Ahhh! How horrible. I new it had been rough but those two Dr. just make me mad! I'm glad you are home and hope things are going better.

Little Blessings said...

Some doctors just deserve a big punch in the nose! I just wish that someone there would have done it for you because a lawsuit is the last thing you need right now. I hate rude doctors that make you feel like you don't know what you want or that they are supremely smart because of all the schooling! I am so sorry to hear that the experience was not what you were expecting it to be, but I am very glad to hear that Will is ok and doing fine. I am really glad you posted this because I have been dying to hear the whole story. Rest up while you can. Hope all is going well now that you are home!