Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The most exciting and exhausting 2 weeks of my life.

Will is officially 2 weeks old today. He went in for his 2 week check and had gained 15 ounces since last Thursday!! Amazing what supplementing with a little formula can do. I am still disappointed that I am unable to give him all the milk he needs but I guess it has to do with the same hormonal stuff that made me take 6 years to get pregnant. He is doing great though at going back and forth from breast to bottle. I am pumping as well, so hopefully all my hard work will pay off. He now has a clogged tear duct so is by far less adorable with a goopey eye. My mom is leaving on Saturday and I fear what I will do after that. Thankfully, Molly arrives on Sunday morning, so I won't have to go it alone for another week. I went to the Dr today and he said I am healing well. He gave me some medication to boost my milk, but after reading some of the side effects, I am not sure I want to take it. I left the baby with my mom while Jason and I went to the OB and it seemed very strange not to have him with us. It's amazing how quickly it becomes normal to have him around. I will post some new pictures tomorrow.


Simmons Family said...

Glad to hear Will is gaining weight! It must be so nice to have people around to help out for the first few weeks! I know I sure appreciated every minute my mom was here after the babies were born.

Little Blessings said...

Good Job Will! Maybe you could look into some homeopathic stuff to increase milk supply. I know that there is some stuff out there I just don't remember the name. Hopefully the goopy eye will clear up on it's own. Lucy has one too and it is not fun to wipe it and then have them scream because they are mad. Especially when you just want them to look as cute as humanly possible!