Monday, March 31, 2008

And then there were two......

Jason wanted a artistic picture of Will laying on a branch. I found it quite frightening.

Today was my first day of just William and myself by ourselves. It went fine, although the baby tub hasn't been emptied yet and the dishes are still in the sink. However, interestingly, I am finding the time to post about the fact this hasn't been done... Hmm. He is sleeping at the moment and I was trying to fill out some of his baby book. We walked to the post office and Starbucks this morning after his bath. It was drizzling when I got outside but since I had already hauled all the stuff down the stairs I figured I might as well cover the baby and get a little wet. He has been extremely gassy lately and I am not sure if it is his formula, my milk, or the fact that he gulps tons of air while he eats. I burp him all the time and this always results in very manly, full sized burps so I feel like I am getting much of the air he swallows back out. Who knows. Hopefully, as he grows, he will stop gulping so much. This morning at 9am I think we may have had an actual smile. I had just fed him, and burped him, and he looked up directly at me and smiled. It was lovely. All the fatigue was suddenly very worth it. I will try and get a picture as soon as I can capture one.

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Little Blessings said...

I love the baby smiles. They are absolutely precious. Especially those first ones they always seem to come out of the blue and brighten an otherwise boring day. Good luck being by yourself, you can do it! Oh yeah, don't worry about the dishes either someday you will have time for them again. :)