Sunday, March 2, 2008

False Alarm

This morning, very early (1 am ) I had some very sharp pain on the front wall of my belly. I happen to know that is where my placenta is. The baby wasn't really moving much last night, but I didn't really worry too much. The pain went away, then at 5 am I woke up and tried to get the baby to respond to anything, and he wouldn't. He literally felt limp in there. It scared me to death and, of course is even scarier at 5am. I drank some OJ and got 4 little movements in 1/2 an hour. That was not enough for me. I didn't feel like I should call the Dr yet, since technically he did move, so at 9 I called the Dr and she asked that I come in to the hospital to check everything again. I was more than willing to do that. So Jason and I got up, grabbed the bags and went to the hospital. I am so happy that it ended up being a dry run because we had the camera bag, but no camera! And I forgot my pillows and my medications. Next time we will be more prepared. Everything was fine of course, just my paranoia. I know to much about what can go wrong. I wish I could just forget all the awful things I know and go into this blindly. Ignorance is bliss. So now we are back on for Tuesday at 4:30pm. By wednesday night we should have a baby. I can't wait till he is out and I can SEE that he is breathing and FEEL his pulse. I think my insurance company will be much happier too!


Little Blessings said...

Thank God nothing was wrong. I know the whole ignorance is bliss bit however, just getting him out of the belly will not relieve all the stress and worry. Usually it just opens up a whole new world of things to worry about. But you know that already I am sure :)

Simmons Family said...

I hate false alarms! Sorry you got so scared. I was always worried when I didn't feel baby move. I usually couldn't remember for sure when the last time was and that always made it worse! You're in our prayers. don't forget the camera next time. I can't wait to see some pictures!