Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One Week

As you can see Will is sleeping. This is basically all he does. He eats, then burps, then sleeps. In two hours I force him to wake up by undressing him, he latches on for 1 minute, and then falls asleep again. This is why I am having a lot of problems getting good milk production going. He is such a good baby, but seems to be willing to happily starve to death. He was down to 7 pounds 5 oz on Monday, he left the hospital at 7,6. Otherwise, he is doing very well. He woke up last night for about 1 hour and looked around a lot. We decided he looks kimd of like Frank Sinatra with his eyes open. Jason's brother Jeremy came to see William, so that was nice. He had facinating tales of his recent trip. I stupidly went out on tuesday night to dinner, and was so exhausted afterward that I was in tears. I really need to protect myself and realize that I did just have a baby and major surgery. Today I am staying home and resting as much as possible. I have to go out to get my staples removed at 2 but I will force myself to take a nap after. Jason is doing such a great job as a dad. He is holding him all the time, when my Mom isn't. I don't fear Will getting a flat spot on his head, because he is never laying on it! My Mom is having a great time being a grandma. She is singing all the old songs from when I was little, even though some are slightly non-PC nowadays. Songs such as "Mammys Little Baby" seem slightly wrong in today's society, but he may not remember them, so I let her do it. All in all, I have never had such highs and lows in one week. But all the pain, and emotional turmoil is completely worth it when you see him grin in his sleep or he sighs his sweet little sighs after a good burp.


Tricia Prickett said...

Hi! I left another message, but I think it was lost because this is my first time to use a blog. But now I think I am all signed up and ready to visit numerous blogs and send comments. William, you are so hansome!!!! Like your parents said, you look like Frank Sinatra!I hope all of you are having fun. See you soon, Love Great Aunt Tissie

Simmons Family said...

It looks like he is doing great! He is so cute.