Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yet Another Outing in Washington

Today after I got off work, we went to DC to the American Indian Museum. It's one of the newest Smithsonian Museums. It was good, but really not all that well ordered. We had terrible fry bread, which I have had in the past, and this was very sub par. We also walked up as close as you could to the Capitol Building, they had some of it blocked off to prepare the front for the inauguration. Will had a good time, he loves to be out and about. We finished off the New Year's Day with Chinese food from "Happy Uncle". No one seems to know why it is called "Happy Uncle" but it is great! Will had his first veggie fried rice and cashew chicken, which he seemed to like a lot. After that he was in the tub and off to bed. He is back to sleeping really well, sleeping from about 8pm to 7 am every morning! By the way, I am feeling quite a bit better after a burst of Prednisone, the cough still sounds pretty awful, but I am not wheezing like I was before. Will seems to have a slight cold, but nothing like what Molly and I had. Hope everyone had a good New Years Day!

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