Monday, January 26, 2009

Building a Healthy Foundation or, Don't Feed Him Crap

Will has transferred almost completely all of a sudden to table foods. I was not prepared for such an abrupt end. I am dealing with a lot of stess around his nutrition. What if I am not feeding him well enough? What about his fruits and veggies? Is he getting enough protein? Calcium? I don't know why I am so stressed by this responsibility, but I am. I think there is also a big component of this that is linked to my lifelong obesity issue. I want Will to be like Jason, not me. However, Jason's diet consists of chips, 1/2 pound blocks of cheddar, and dry cereal eaten while reading the paper and drinking nothing but coffee. Hmmm. So how do I get him to eat healthy like me but look like Jason? Hopefully genetics will play out in his favor. So far he loves rice, pasta, chicken, grapes, cantalope, pizza, cheese, chili beans, tomato sauce, waffles, and chex cereal. He cut his 8th tooth 2 days ago, and looks quite nice with a matching top and bottom set of 4. I am having a really tough time with him getting much fluid from a cup. He just seems to love his bottle so much more. He will take sips from the cup, but will drink 6 oz from a bottle in 5 minutes!

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Little Blessings said...

Don't worry about the switch to table food! In fact I always embrace it because now the babies appetite center is in charge rather than my opinion about what is enough food to sustain them. YOu may see that he takes a dive in how much he eats. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT! All the stuff I have read say that if the kids appetite center is in control they will moderate themselves perfectly. Obviously genetics will play into it somewhat. Just look at the differences between Andrew, Zane and Lucy. I swear I have done nothing different! But as long as you have offered healthy options, and everything you listed seemed fine to me, you don't have to worry! Just don't let him dive into the chips and cheddar with Jason. :)