Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I, Barack Obama.....

Ann K and I ready to go at 3:30am
The line to get into the parking garage at the Metro Station. At 4:00 am.
Waiting for the train to let us board.
My coat was so full of stuff, since we weren't supposed to bring bags, I looked kinda crazy!
Ann K and Ann G on the Metro. Excitement was building!
Ann K checking out the scene with her binoculars.
Sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial.
The Crowds start to grow. It's about 7 am now.
At 8, it's just cold.

By 10am the madness begins.

By 11 am it's like a sardine can.

My view of the Washington Monument. I was about 20 feet from the base.
Cheering and Flag Waving during the Speeches.
Barack giving his speech.
White Guys dancing to Bob Marley. Always entertaining.


Teresa Leigh said...

So how was the experience! Love the photos, I looked intense and crazy out there. Did it warm up with all the bodies around?

Julie said...

WOW! We are so thankful that someone in our family could be there. We spent all morning cheering and crying. Thank you for going!

Molly said...

So jealous!!! Especially about the white guys dancing to Bob Marley. The fact they got away w/ that proves change is here.
Love the pic of sunrise from Lincoln Memorial, too!