Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A visit, and play time.

Maya Rose...8 days old.

Yesterday we went to visit little Maya, the new baby of our friends Rachel and Steve. She is very sweet, and very tiny. You always forget how small they are! Will did pretty well over at their house, but he made a mess with lunch. He is also showing them all the things they will have to baby proof! Today he was very tired this morning and slept a long time. I called the Dr and she wants to increase his Amoxicillan and I am supposed to call if it doesn't get better in 24 hours. We went to the park this afternoon and he face planted off the slide! Poor thing! He can't seem to catch a break these days. I also figured out he is getting his molars and canines at the same time, no wonder he is so cranky!


Little Blessings said...

Don't little ones make the ovaries scream! It is only slightly tempered by a teething toddler :)

Kelly and Jason said...

I know! She was so tiny and sweet. Only 7lbs,5oz. Her butt fit into my palm! Too cute! She has that ultra soft newborn hair too!

Simmons Family said...

Your poor kiddo! I would say things can only get better, but I thought that the other day and things keep getting worse!

That baby is really cute. I've never had one that small!

Julie said...

Yeah yeah babies are cute, but I will stick to my kitties! Aunties: All the fun, none of the responsabilities!