Monday, May 11, 2009

A Second Culprit!

I knew Pudd was teething and that of course was making him grumpy, but I felt something else was off too. This morning I called the Dr and took him in. I am glad I did, he has a bad ear infection! Thank goodness I went with my gut! He is now on Amoxicillan and I am waiting for the messy diapers to begin. No wonder he was so crabby! 4 molars and an ear ache! To all the Moms out there- How long do these Molars take? It seems like it's been weeks now!


Little Blessings said...

Weeks is a good answer. I found with my crew that once they started to break through the skin the grumpiness started to ease up. I have had several molars that ended up looking pus-ish under the gum and that is normal as well. It goes away once they start breaking through. I think Lucy took about 2 months through the whole process. Hang in there. The second molars are no where near as bad!

Kelly and Jason said...

Dr Rahman said there was some Bruising of the gums. I had never heard of that! One of the top ones is broken through, so I am hoping the others soon follow!

Simmons Family said...

Will he eat yogurt? That always helped when mine had to take antibiotics. I hope his teeth come though quickly. Does he like to eat cold things. That might soothe his gums a bit if they are really sore.