Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oxon Hill Farm

We started off today by going to a big community yard sale. I found a little tikes kitchen for Pudd and I had a great time cleaning it and setting it up! I had forgotten all the fun play food stuff I had when I did daycare. Will doesn't quite get it yet, but he will. We came home and got packed up and went south to the Oxen Hill Farm. It is actually a National Park, and is a working historical farm based in the 1800's. Very cool. Will had a ball as you can tell. It was really hot and muggy though so we didn't stay a real long time. We then ran errands and came home. Will is in the tub now and I think will be very happy to get to bed after such a busy day!


Little Blessings said...

I am guessing that you will be glad to get to bed yourself ;)

Julies said...

Those are the calmest chickens I have ever seen.

Kelly and Jason said...

They were freakishly calm. They are free to roam all over the farm and didn't seem bothered at all by William messing with them. I think they must be used to it, the place has a lot of kids on field trips, etc. through there. One of the farm hands said that the only one that is kinda mean is the rooster if he gets cornered. No suprise there, we all get mean if cornered!