Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Ice Cream Cone!

A really nice playground at the Elementary School.

Workin' the Simmons' Boy Charm... too bad it's his cousin!

Yesterday we met up with Solon and family for Gabriela's belated birthday. We gave her a doll house and she and Alessandra LOVED it! I think it should come with 2 of every piece though, to reduce fighting. We went over to a neighborhood that Solon and Andrea are thinking of moving to. It is really a nice family area, lots of parks and good schools. They had an ice cream place that had frozen custard like we used to have in Madison, so we were all thrilled. Will had his first ice cream cone, and didn't actually make too much of a mess with it! We got home kinda late, but it was well worth it!


Teresa Leigh said...

I love it. What a fun looking day. He is always so serious isn't he!

Kelly and Jason said...

He is a lot like Jason in his temperment. Not overly smiley, which is kinda weird for me.