Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival 2009

At FDR Memorial
Climbing the Lincoln Memorial

Fountain at FDR

Cherry Blossom on Reflecting Pool

Meeting one of the horses of the Capital Mounted Police- William pet him a few times, he was so soft!

Jason and Will climbing the Lincoln steps

Will is wary of Fala (FDR's scottie dog)

In a cherry tree...

A family picture one year later.
Today Jason took the day off and we beat the crowds at the Cherry Blossom Festival. It was very gray and nasty though so we didn't take many pictures. We packed a lunch from Whole Foods and had a good time. Will got lots of compliments and was very interested in climbing steps. He met 2 doggies and the horse which he warmed up to right away. The day ended with a scary trip to the ER. Will fell in the tub tonight and bit through his lower lip. Thankfully it didn't need stitches and we only spent about an hour at the hospital. So scary! I hope this doesn't start a trend of ER visits, but he is so accident prone lately!

One year later: A young American still looks forward to a bright future in out nations capital, despite the current economic situation.


Teresa Leigh said...

aaah so fun!

Simmons Family said...

He's grown so much since last cherry blossom festival. It's rather amazing isn't it!

Kelly and Jason said...

It is! He weighed 9 pounds at the last one and now he is 27!