Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The Swine Flu outbreak is much more prevalent here on the East coast. If you were me would you keep William home more? I usually take him to the park, Barnes and Noble and the Baby Gym every week. Would you still do it? He still puts so much stuff in his mouth and chews his fingers a lot.... What do you think?


Julie said...

It is not as bad as people think. Actually the virus y'all just had could have been it. I would skip the baby gym, but exposure to some germs is the best thing for immunity. As long as he doesn't get on an airplane he should be fine. If Grandpa flies out there, tell him not to visit.

Teresa Leigh said...

I would probably not do the baby gym because of all the fingers in mouths, mouths on stuff thing but other places were less hands are in mouths and touching things would be cool I think.
I wish I could agree with Julie about the more germs the more immunity but the way this sounds is that humans haven't ever dealt with this type of virus before and therefore we should be cautious.
I told Travis that he best wash his hands after every contact from now on because I don't want it in my house after he is at work. He has a huge risk at being around people who could have this.