Friday, April 17, 2009

It's been one of those weeks....

Will in his adorable Lion towel. It was a birthday present from our dear Shefflers.
Will looking slightly blurry, but charming with his first Chocolate Ice Cream Face!

New Crib set, it has different farm scenes quilted all the way around the bumper and skirt. Too cute! Will loves the Kitty and Cow most.

In the center you can see a Mourning Dove that is nesting in our Holly tree outside the balcony. She has 2 or 3 eggs in there. I can't wait to see if babies hatch!
I am finally on the mend. Will fell and hit his eye this morning so the 1 year portraits will soon become the 18 month portraits. He and I went to Target this morning to get a baby gift for a friend and Will proceeded to dump my coffee on the items I was about to purchase for said gift. I finally decided to wash the stuff and give it to her anyway and just explain what had happened. Will also slobbered on my phone enough today to actually short it out, thankfully I still had an old one that can be reactivated. A new one would have been over 100 bucks. Lessons learned: Never let baby teethe on phone, and always keep previous one around if it isn't broken. After dinner tonight we took Will to the town square area and got him his first baby dish of ice cream. I considered a cone, but thankfully decided against it. He was nicely pepped up on sugar afterwards and walked home most of the way. The weather is gorgeous this weekend so I think we will be outside a lot tomorrow, thankfully I am off.


Little Blessings said...

Any reason for a new crib set? I am sure your friend will understand about the presents too. And if she doesn't now, give her a year and then she will get it :)

Teresa Leigh said...

Sounds like a crazy day! BUT fun none the less. I love the new towel. It makes me want to cozy him up!

Kelly and Jason said...

The "new to us" crib set I should say. The other bumper I had was tearing so I got this one off craigslist. It's a pottery barn set and so soft! I love the towel too, Jason, like all Dad's thinks it's goofy.