Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mother, Can You Spare a Dime?

William and I cleaned out the car today, and while I was busy he found the coin cup! I finally realized what he was doing and pulled 31 cents from his mouth. I then realized he might have swallowed some coins. I took him upstairs and Googled "My baby swallowed a coin". This is actually a very common thing! The trusty old Internet told me I should call his Dr, so I did. She sent us to the Radiologist to get a "Kiddiograph". That's basically a mouth to bottom x-ray. I called Jason and he came with us, thank goodness! We both had to hold him down and he drank his bottle while it happened. They gave us results right away, and it was CLEAR! WhooHoo! Needless to say, William will not be playing around coins again until he stops putting everything in his mouth!


Julie said...

How many emergency room trips is this so far?

Kelly and Jason said...

Just one, we didn't have to go this time! Since the Dr was open she just faxed the order to Radiology. That means a 30 dollar copay instead of a 100 dollar copay!