Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Zoo....

Early in the morning..All Bundled Up
Playing on the giant pizza

Making Friends in the Olive TubePricey Lunch at the Zoo

Today was Will's first trip to the Zoo. It was quite cold, hence the cookie monster like snowsuit. He didn't really care too much for the animals, but he LOVED the giant pizza play area. It was great, all padded, but it was very slick. That's why he is not wearing socks. We let him play for a long time there, he made lots of little friends. After that he promptly fell asleep for the rest of the zoo. He will probably like it much more next spring.

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Molly said...

I love that look on his face in the 1st pic! What a Pudd! Jason's right--Pudd does look kinda dippy in the snowsuit, haha