Monday, November 17, 2008

1 Week....

What I imagine Pudd will look like next week! Except Cuter of Course!
In one week we leave for our Thanksgiving/My Birthday road trip to Florida. I am still not sure how 12-14 hours in a car with William will be. I took away and hid many of his favorite toys and books today, so they will seem new and exciting again next Tuesday. I am taking lots of his CD's and snacks. We are leaving very early and plan on doing it all in one long day. Mainly so we don't have to fight traffic on Wednesday. I planned stops out along the way, especially Barnes and Noble so Pudd can crawl around safely. I have also figured out where we can stop to eat, and alternates incase we need to stop early, etc. Any advice out there for me? I think I will sit in the back with him for the most part. It will keep him entertained and I can feed him when need be. Am I crazy to be driving this long with an 8 month old?

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Little Blessings said...

Leave as early in the morning as possible to maximize his sleeping. Every time we have traveled that long with the kids it has been through the night. Of course having Eric work at night is a great bonus. Plus it does help to stop places like McDonald's or Burger King with a play land area so their is something else for him to do on the breaks for you guys. Not healthy but it does help to give him something else to do, especially since he is now mobile. I remember one horrible trip with Andrew when he was 9 months, we had let him take a nap BEFORE we left and about hour 5 in the car he had had enough. He screamed from Olympia to Everett, through rush hour traffic. Not one of our best decisions. Then he was pissed about being in the car for the next 3 days. Even if it was only to the store he screamed. Good Luck!