Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today I went to Walmart for the first time in a while. I have been going to Walmart since birth since I grew up in Arkansas where it all started. Lo and Behold- They got rid of my fabric department! So sad! I always counted on them for high quality fabric at 1/2 the price of normal fabric stores. I remember going there as a little girl and picking out fabric, lace and buttons for a new dress. I don't know if they are closing all of them but I am very sad that they are closing any.

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Julie said...

That rumor has been going around for several years, I didn't think they would actually do it. K mart used to have a really big craft area when I was little, and now they have nothing. The supercenter here still has fabric so far, I will have to check on the regular stores. A lot of fabric was stolen, especially by a certain group of people who would come from BC and smuggle it across the border and resell it there. Also, a lot of fabric would be switched from a high priced bolt to clearance bolts and bought by evil people. They were talking for a while of having flat folds, aka no cutting table. I don't think that would work very well though, a store at Frontier village does that and I never bother trying to buy any of it because of the strange amounts.