Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A New Plan...

Dr B came up with a new plan for Charlie today.
1. Change Formula to Elecare, which is a amino acid based formula (not milk or soy based at all) to help heal his gut and stop the allergic reaction.
2. Thicken all feedings with rice cereal
3. No solid foods for 2 more months until we see him again
4. Keep feedings small and frequent
5. Increase gastric motility with medicine to see if that helps the reflux as well.
6. Stay on both Prevacid and Zantac for now with Mylanta as needed.

The formula is an even more expensive one, and you can't even buy it over the counter!  I now have to start the whole process over with the insurance company, but this time it should be easier, since they already know he has the condition.  Poor Charlie.  I hope all these changes will help him. The Dr did seem to think though that he will improve over time with age, as his gut matures.  I am just very happy that no surgery is needed! 

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