Saturday, September 24, 2011

Apple Pickin' Time!

Hey!  Leave some room for the apples!

William picked this beauty first...he finally has learned to pick off the tree and not off the ground.

Gabriela was clearly thrilled to be picking apples!

Three crazy cousins! 

Four Crazy Cousins!

Feeding the sheep...

Alessandra was more cautious while feeding the animals...

Enjoying our harvest!

Charlie is always so intrigued by the big kids...

Training Charlie for next year...
Today, Uncle Solon came over with the girls and we loaded up after I got home from work and headed off to the orchard.  It was lots of fun, and the girls really enjoyed it.  They had never been apple picking before and Gabriela was kinda disappointed when she found out we wouldn't be climbing ladders.  We explained that they keep the trees trained low so ladders aren't really needed.  I wore Charlie in the Ergo and the kids had a ball being hauled around in the wheel barrow.  We got a lot of apples and cider to enjoy, and when we got home I whipped up a quick apple pie which turned out pretty great.  Tree to pie in less than 4 hours!  It was great to get out and enjoy the fall, even if it was still close to 80! 

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