Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Charlie x 5 Months...

Time flies when you're having fun!  Tomorrow Charlie is 5 months.  He is trying really hard to sit, is working really hard at perfecting rolling over from his back to his tummy, and is moving backwards really well.  I leave the room and come back to find him in a totally different area than where I left him. He is still not sleeping great these days, but between his first cold, his teeth and the reflux, who can blame him?  His favorite toys are his squeaky giraffe, and his mirror and his biggest entertainment source: William.   He still loves his binky with a passion, and can even pop it back in on his own sometimes.  He seems to be developing so fast these days, I can't wait to see what he is doing in a month!  For the record he was 16lbs 6oz today and 24.5 inches long.

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