Thursday, August 4, 2011

Road Trip 2011: Day One...

All Packed Up.  There may not be room for the kids!

The picture looks blurry because of the steam on the lens.  It was THAT humid! Will is planning on serenading us along the way.  Charlie looks intrigued...

"I have to sit in this seat for how long?"

"Oh, all right! As long as I get to sit next to Mommy and Brother..."
It was so humid this morning, it felt like a steamy shower.  So nasty.  We couldn't wait to escape it.  We loaded up and were on our way by 8:30, which for us is pretty good.  We made it to our hotel in Portsmouth, NH by 9:30pm, so that means that a supposed 10 hr drive only took us 13, which in my book isn't too bad.  We only stopped to eat once, at Cracker Barrel of course, so that saved time.  Will held it together for the most part, only once freaking out.  He refused to pee at Walden Pond, even after we offered to let him go on a tree or a tire.  I was scared he would fall asleep in the car and wet his seat, so we decided to put a diaper on him and he FREAKED out!  We must have been a sight to people driving by, at Walden Pond of all places.  2 parents, trying to force a 1/2 naked child into a diaper.  I'm glad no one called the police!  Other than that he did amazing.  The DVD player is still our best friend on these marathon trips.  Charlie did a great job, and other than unloading his colon once we reached the hotel, gave us no problems at all.  He slept much of the drive and ate well considering I couldn't take him out to burp him.  Tomorrow is all about lighthouses, lobster, and beachcombing.  I can't wait!

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