Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Montgomery County Fair or, How to Spend 60 Bucks in Four Hours...

Last Christmas Will refused to go on a pony ride, so I was shocked when he insisted upon doing it today and hopped right on!

The 4-H kids running it were very nice.  I can't wait till Will is old enough to do 4-H!
Will did all the kiddie rides today.  Note that he drives on the wrong side like the Brits!

Preparing mentally for his helicopter ride...

Hi Mom!

He's in there!

He won 2 prizes today.  A stuffed clown fish and an inflatable baby alien.  (Don't ask)

Lookin' tough on his 4 Wheeler...

Revving the engine!

Charlie and Mommy joined Will on the ferris wheel.  It was a lot of fun, and Charlie even got held by the carnie while Mommy got in and out!

Will was thrilled, as you can plainly see!

This was our next to last ride, and by the looks of those clouds, we were leaving just in time!

Will's last ride was this rocking tug boat.  A great end to a fun day!


Teresa Leigh said...

That place is gigantic. I love that they had so many rides for Will. I had a heck of a time finding 3 rides he could go on because he is too short and they also didn't have a big selection of fun stuff.

I love fairs.

I love that you handed Charlie off to a carnie.
That's priceless

Kelly said...

He was a very nice carnie, and didn't speak any english. But, I guess someone handing a baby to you is the universal language for "here, hold him!" Latino men are typically suckers for babies! I was happy when they had so many rides too. I took Will to Sausage Fest in Everett a year or so ago and they only had ONE ride he could go on. Pretty lame for a children's carnival!