Saturday, August 13, 2011

Polar Caves...

Will got to feed deer and ducks, by far his favorite part!

This was part of the cave passage.  I would never have been able to fit through there in a million years!

Mommy had a ball sluicing!

 This area was formed when glaciers dropped enormous granite rocks which piled up and created caves/nooks and crannies.  There were about 6 caves that you could go through.  Charlie and Mommy went through one, and decided that was enough.  Daddy and Will did all of them.  Will had a ball, and Jason was able to handle all those tight, cramped spaces. Ick.  I felt suffocated by the lack of fresh air, and the low ceilings and tight spaces.  Charlie and I walked on the boardwalk bypasses, and enjoyed the fantastic views of the mountains in the distance.  It was a great place for kids and was just the right length for kids under 7 or so.  I think an older kid, or adult would have been bored after 45 minutes.  After the caves we got to use the sluice and find gems and minerals.  That was my favorite part! I found lots of little goodies which Will was very happy to carry around.  Treasure!

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