Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hey Daddy, Let's Shoot Somethin' or Don't Talk to Me About Food, I'm Already Stuffed!

Will tried to convince me that we needed this.  It cost more than our car!

Will took Charlie for a ride on this ATV.  Look at Charlie's face!

We stopped off at this place, Cabela's, after hearing from another nurse at my work that it was a great place for kids to run around and it had clean bathrooms.  It is outside of Harrisburg,PA and it is HUGE!  It is pretty much everything opposite of Jason and I.  They had a gun check in at the door, so you could keep your guns safe while you shopped, I guess.  It did have LOVELY bathrooms, very clean and tidy.  They have a cafe where you can eat various game meats in various forms, which we didn't try today, but it did intrigue us.  They had an enormous deer stand seat that had 6 can holders.  I guess they think the deer hunter is going to be out there a while.  They had camo of every type imaginable. They also had, as you can see, a wide array of taxidermied animals.  They were very well done, they even had an African Elephant that was killed by the owner of the store.  There was a real river and waterfall with real fish in it that the kids can feed, which Will loved.  To be fair, it was a great place for kids to burn off some steam, and we did get a great deal on a life jacket for Will, but I don't have any desire to go there again.  We are simply not a hunting family.  Plus, when we need camping gear, we go to REI, where the only shooting they approve of is with a camera. 


Julie said...

Oh good grief! They just broke ground on a Cabela's next to the Tulalip casino. Oh the joy. I knew it was bad, but the elephant really puts it on the list.

Molly Sisson said...

LOL, Gun check at the door? Seriously??? I don't get it...
I love that face Charlie's making on the ATV picture! So cute! :)