Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So Long Grandma! Hello New Routine...

Today is the day when I am doing it alone again. Jason took Mom to the airport this morning, and I was alone with both kids. Charlie woke up at 6:30 to eat, and he had soaked through his sleeper and blanket. Then, William came in totally soaked in pee, and he informed me that his bed and pillow was wet too. Great way to start the day. I need to start reducing Will's liquids right before bed. He is in the largest diapers they make, so I can't get more absorbency than that. William is also running a fever today, thankfully not anything serious, but it makes things a little more complicated. Charlie is still pretty gassy and fussy. I am starting to wonder if he has reflux. He will be nursing or drinking the bottle and will come off the nipple and straighten out and scream in pain. That is a pretty classic sign of reflux. Thankfully, it is a pretty easy fix. We had a similar problem with William, and Mylanta seemed to help a lot. I am also keeping him upright more after feeding, and making sure he burps frequently. Poor guy. So, now I need to start on the rest of my day, and hopefully catch a nap at some point.

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