Friday, May 6, 2011

Charlie at 2 Weeks...

Charlie celebrated his 2 week birthday with a real bath in the tub. This is the only picture of him while not screaming. He had his 2 week well child visit as well. He was 7lbs 14oz, and 20.75 inches long. ( I think they didn't have him stretched out enough in the hospital, there is no way he grew that much in such a short time) He is waking up a little more and has been eating like a little piggy. He is waking every 2 hours around the clock to eat, and seems ravenous to get it every time. We are still trying to figure out what his personality is going to be. He is a very cuddly baby, and wants to be held all the time. He has figured out very quickly that if he cries he gets picked up. He is so soft and sweet that I just can't put him down!

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