Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1 Month Well Baby...

Charlie went in for his one month visit yesterday. He got his first Hep B shot, which he barely seemed to even notice, but he was pretty fussy last night. He has gained a lot of weight this month, seems to be making up for the low birth weight! He was 10lbs 2 oz (55%), 21.25 inches long(35%), and a head circumference of 38.3 cm (48%). His head is only a little bigger than Will's was at birth! He is starting to have more and more alert times, and he seems to love being outside just like William did. We are back in cloth diapers as of this week, which helps save money. I love my fuzzi bunz, and he looks so cute in them! He is outgrowing his clothes fast, so I am glad I didn't run out and buy a whole wardrobe in 0-3 months. The only problem we are having now is sleeping, and feeding. He really wants to be held 24 hours and day and wants to eat 1 oz every hour. I am opposed to this plan on the basis of protecting my sanity. We are working on stretching out the time between feedings and today I started making him fall asleep on his own. It worked great! If I had known he was this good at it, I would have done it last week! I am so glad I have kept this blog though, it makes it so easy to look back at William's stages and remember how it really was. That way, you don't end up looking back through rose colored glasses....which I was totally doing before I read back through it!

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