Wednesday, April 20, 2011

38 Weeks...

I realize that I am still early. I get that. If I wasn't having all these contractions, I would be eager, but fine with hanging in there another 2 weeks. However, I am so tired of all these strong, but not consistent contractions! Charlie feels so low and I feel like he is gaining a lot of weight. I see my midwives tomorrow, and I am really hoping they will have some good news for me. As long as I am making progress in some way, I don't mind all this discomfort. I see it as a win-win. I am accomplishing half the work with very little effort on my part! As for Charlie, he seems to be happy in there. Lots of movement, hiccups, and kicks. William is very interested in Charlie coming out, and keeps asking him to come out and play with toys. It is very cute!

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Simmons Family said...

Hang in there! We are think of you often! The last days always taaaaakkkkkeeee fooooorrrreeevvvveeeerrr!!!!

The kids can't wait to hear that there new cousin has arrived :)