Friday, March 4, 2011

3 Years...

Disclaimer: This is a long winded post, meant to capture Will at this moment to look back on in the future.

Tomorrow, William will turn 3. In some ways it feels like yesterday that we brought him into this world, but in other ways it feels like he has always been here. He is a complicated little man, very similar to both Jason and I in many ways. He is very sensitive and is very emotional when he disappoints, or upsets you. Today he stuck the darn pennies in the car CD player AGAIN and I ranted at him for once again messing it up. He was so sad and cried so pitifully that you can't help but feel bad for him. He just can't remember he isn't supposed to stick those tantalizing little discs of metal into that slot that seems to perfect for them. Each time I also try and remind myself not to leave coins where he can get them. He has a fantastic memory, and will recall things that were literally months ago mentioned once in passing. He memorizes songs very easily and can recite many, many books by heart. He is working hard on all his letter sounds, and will frequently try and match them up to a new word or object. He has totally come out of his shell socially and will talk to just about anyone. He is very frustrated when someone doesn't respond to him, which I can't blame him for. Some people are so unfriendly to little kids! He is 90 percent potty trained, except at night, but I figure that will come with time. He is becoming an increasingly picky eater, but his favorite foods are very sophisticated. He adores pesto with mushrooms and broccoli, loves curry and naan with cucumber yogurt sauce, and favors asiago bagels over cinnamon raisin. Go figure! He loves Thomas the Tank Engine and will spend hours a day playing with his trains. He does different voices for the characters and will retell the stories he has seen on the movies. His favorite places are the library and Target. He will also ask to go to Barnes and Noble, but he really just wants to play with the trains there. He loves his stuffed animals more than any other kid I have ever seen and drags them around acting out scenarios from different books. His current favorite movie is a nature series called Blue Planet from the BBC. He is fascinated by all the sea creatures, and indeed so are we. I can't tell as of yet if he is excited for baby Charlie or not. At times he seems very interested, but other times he seems downright opposed to him. We will see what happens. I am going to miss having William all to myself during the day. He and I have spent many happy hours reading and playing and it will be hard to divide my attention. But, at the same time, he needs a sibling. It will teach him so many lessons that he will need for living life in the future. It will be interesting to see how the next year goes for him. So many changes are coming down the line, but we will face them together.

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