Sunday, June 1, 2008

Out to Lunch with Cousins....

Getting ready to eat!
Gabriela deciding on what to eat....
Will observing all the action. He looks thrilled!
At the park, doing his Uncle Patrick impression in his cool sunglasses.
Alessandra loves the slide, though it was getting very hot!

Gabriela "enjoying" her baby food. Yuck!
Today we met up with Solon and Family for lunch and playtime. Will was thrilled to see the girls and they are always happy to see him. We had lunch at our 50's diner here in the Kentlands. They have the best burgers around. Gabriela is really walking now, and Alessandra is in that 3 year old constant singing phase. Very cute. She makes everything into a song. I loved when Meg did that. Will is in a good mood today and enjoyed seeing the kids play near him. I am spending the rest of the day packing for the trip. I want to be all ready by Tuesday so Wednesday morning I can move in a zombie like manner to the car at 4:30am. Yikes!


Simmons Family said...

You are soo lucky to have such nice weather out there. Bring long pants and sweatshirts! It's cooold out here! Or maybe just pack the sunshine! We would sure appreciate it. We can't wait to see you. Every baby the kids see generates a comment like " that's like baby Will" or "is THAT baby Will?" Like I'm hiding him from them or something :)

Kelly and Jason said...

That is SO FUNNY! Well you will see him very soon. I don't know if I will have the stamina to stop by Wednesday, but I think Molly and I will come early on Friday and then you will have extra help to get ready for the party. Molly wants to see the kids too! And she can help keep them entertained while you and Patrick are busy. Will is facinated by big kids. I wonder what Sophie will do if you hold him? Does she get jealous if you hold other babies? Gabriela sometimes does.