Thursday, June 19, 2008

Homeward Bound.....

He was only fussy on the ground!

Pudd and I started very early on the 4th. We got to Baltimore at 5 am and went through security, which was very tricky on your own. He slept basically the whole time, occasionally waking to eat or poop. I changed 4 messy diapers on the ride out. It must have been the change of altitude! We got a row to ourselves on the way from Milwaukee to Seattle so that was great to have room to move more. We arrived at 10:30 in Seattle and Mom was there to meet us. She was amazed at how big he had gotten! We got the bags and hopped in the car to go see Jason's Mom and have lunch. Jeanie was very happy to see the baby and proclaimed that he was beautiful! (Can't argue with that!) We went to lunch at Applebee's and I got to open many outfits that Grandma Jeanie had purchased for Will. They were all very cute, and he looks great in them. We then left and went to the consignment shop in Everett for a baby tub for mom's house, then stopped at Bridget's to pick up a bouncer and see the kiddos. Connor and Sophie were awake, Laura was sleeping. Connor LOVED this baby! He is so sweet with him, and talks to him so nicely. It was very nice to see them bonding already. Sophie didn't seem too interested, but she showed no hard feelings either. We only stayed a little while and then we stopped at Julie's apartment so she could see Pudd. She had made him many cute things including some great bibs and some embroidered blocks. Finally, after a very long day we went home to my Mom's on Camano Island. Cookie, the 13 year old cat, was very interested in the baby, which surprised us. She was also very concerned when he cried, which was very cute. Will wanted to sleep by 7pm, so he turned in early and was ready for the day to start at 3am the next morning......Uggh!

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