Friday, June 20, 2008

Molly's Graduation

Friday night Molly's department, The Henry M Jackson School of International Study, had their own special commencement ceremony. It was very nice, and much more personal than the big one on Saturday. Molly looked great and the Professor commented that her thesis was "very impressive". Good Job Moll! We went out to dinner after at the Ram, a microbrew that Molly liked. The next day we met up with Aunt Tricia and Uncle Tim and went to the BIG grad at Husky Stadium. We figured there must have been about 5,000 people graduating that day. Quincy Jones was the speaker and he was very entertaining. It's not often you hear a 75 year old use the term "Pimp Slap"! After the graduation Molly had to go to a wedding reception, so Jason and I went out with Patty and Ryan. We went to Ivar's Acres of Clams. It was excellent as always.

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