Thursday, June 19, 2008

Molly comes home..... Sophie turns one!

Molly and Pudd
Cookie is jealous that her mother is holding someone else....
Pudd doing his Gomer Pyle impression "Shazam!"

Molly came home on Thursday and saw William for the first time since he was 3 weeks old. She was very impressed with his size. He really loved Molly, she made him laugh and smile all the time. She is really good at soothing him as well. We stayed around the house that day and rested after our travels. Friday Molly and I headed in to Everett to see Patrick and Family. Sophie's birthday was planned for that evening so we came over early to visit and help keep the kids occupied. Molly read them lots of stories and we all enjoyed spending time together. Soon it was the afternoon and guests started arriving. We had a good time, but Will tired early and we went home about 7pm.

Sophie enjoys an Italian Facial

Grandma with the two youngest...

Aunt Molly reads the ENTIRE Mike Mulligan Treasury! Thanks Molly!

Uncle Patrick gets to know his little buddy...

Connor Loves his cousin!
Happy Birthday Sophie!

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