Sunday, February 24, 2008

So Close and Yet So Far!

I am 38 weeks today, UGH! The contractions come and go. The back pain comes and goes. The heartburn comes and stays. I am probably still going to work this week because, honestly I don't know what else to do with myself. I did get plane tickets ridiculously cheap for Molly's graduation and the meet the baby trip. I will be in Washington from June 4th to the 18th. This means I will be there for Sophie's 1st Birthday! That will be so nice to share that with them. I have missed out on all the other big holidays with the kids, so I am very excited. Jason will not be able to be there the whole 2 weeks, he has to work so he will come for 6 days, but will fly home with us. It was strange buying a ticket for someone who you have never seen yet. The airline said to put "Infant Simmons" on the ticket since you can't change the name later, in case it is a girl by some strange miracle. Solon and Andrea came over yesterday with the girls. We all had a good time watching Alessandra chase poor Lucy through the house. Maggie wisely hid from the moment the group arrived. We went to the 50's diner near our house for lunch, and then got Starbucks and sat around discussing the election. Jason and I went to the mall after they went home and returned some more gifts to Baby Gap. People are buying the sweetest little things, but they are just too little to be practical. So I am exchanging to much bigger sizes. I got an adorable navy lined cardigan with a hood in 18 -24 months and a little summer outfit in 6-12 month. I got the house all cleaned yesterday for the company, so now I don't have much to do today, so I may read, since I should probably take advantage of this opportunity. I will update on Wednesday after the OB unless something big happens in the meantime.


Little Blessings said...

You will make it I promise! Who knows you may end up with a leap day baby. I have alway thought that would be interesting.

Simmons Family said...

That's so cool that you will be here for Sophie's birthday! We can't wait to meet Sprout. I almost got him a little shirt that had a picture of a little plant sprout on it and said sprout but it was $32!!! (all organic you know!) but really it was just a onesie. Maybe I'll have to make one myself.