Wednesday, February 6, 2008

OB Visit and One Last Ultrasound

I had my 35 week OB appt today. Sprout is head down, face toward my spine, which is great for the delivery. His head is very low, but everything is still closed (to put it delicately). They decided to do one more ultrasound to size him. He is estimated at 7 pounds, 9 0z. His heart rate was 133, and they think he will be born around the 19th of February. I still doubt that he is actually coming any sooner than the 9th of March, I think he is just big for his age. I am very happy that he is head down and in the zone. The ultrasound picture is the best that they could do since for the most part he was completely facing my spine. For those who can't tell, it is of his face. His eye is at the top (dark dot). It is basically looking at him straight on, but you can only see one eye, the nose, lips, cheek and chin. He looks pretty nice and chubby already. He is still moving around but mostly just side to side. We are basically all ready to go, we are both getting very excited to meet this little dude. I am still planning on working till the end of February, but with his current position I am making no promises.

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Little Blessings said...

I think it is awesome that you are getting ultrasounds. I always long for them at the end of my pregnancies and never get them. It is nice that they are talking early delivery. Your OB may be inclined to help you along then. Hooray for OB's that understand 9 months is a LONG time!