Friday, February 15, 2008

Baby Update

The OB visit went fine. They are still concerned about the size of the baby and letting it go too long. I am still less concerned about that, due to the fact I am expecting it to be a large kid. They have decided that if I don't go in to labor on my own by March 1 then they will induce me. I am feeling okay with that, I am tired and I know that development wise everything is ready by 39 weeks! I am at work today and monday alone and it is barely noon and I am ready to collapse. I am thinking that next Friday will be it for me. I know we need the money but I am growing pretty useless around here and feel guilty for getting paid. This weekend I am planning to make a few meals for the freezer, that way Jason can just thaw and heat stuff. Soups and chili seem to do well. I also want to get the car cleaned out and vaccumed. Nesting is big for me right now, yet I don't really have the energy. I still need to pack for the hospital, I need to figure out what I want to bring along. I have this really old, ratty nightgown that is so comfy and would work great for nursing and labor, but I am slightly embarrassed by the condition of it. I certainly don't want any pictures in it!

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Little Blessings said...

Hang in there! You can do it!