Thursday, January 6, 2011

Puddles, Fits, and Defiance...

Since we went back to Washington the potty training has fallen apart. I figured when we got back home things would get right back on track. It has, sort of. Before we left, if William had an accident he immediately wanted his clothes off and dry ones on. Now, he could sit in wet clothes all day and I don't think he would notice. He is still 100 percent trained if naked from the waist down, so I just let him run around the house naked unless people come over, and even then I may let him, depending on who it is. I am kinda at a loss of what to do next. Will he ever be potty trained with clothing? Will I be sending him to a nudist college just so he stays dry? I don't know.

This morning Will was in time out before 9 am. I hate days that start like that. Everything is such a struggle with this kid. I hate feeling like I spend all day being negative with him. Stop. No. Put that down. Don't touch that! Get over here! Come back! and on and on... So sad. I want him to feel like he isn't a little ball of negative, but there are days where I feel like he is. We both try and give him a lot of positive attention, and it goes well at home. It just seems to fall apart when we are getting ready to leave, or when we are out and about. He still can't seem to listen. I start off most excursions with a pep talk in the car, so the first 2 minutes go very smoothly, but then when he sees all the exciting things around him, he tunes us out and can only hear and see all the distractions. It is so frustrating, especially since I feel as if I am running out of time. I need to get him under control before I have this baby. I don't want to feel as if I am forced to stay home because I can't get William to listen to me.... I see other people out with their kids all the time, why do they seem like they have everything under control? When I see a parent who has a kid in the middle of a tantrum, I don't feel anything but relief. Finally there is someone else who is in my situation!

Any advice? Continue strapping him down into strollers, carts, etc? Take toys away? Is it to early for a reward chart of some kind? I guess I just don't know if I am expecting too much from him at too early of an age. He has such a wide vocabulary and seems so much bigger than 2...maybe I just have unrealistic expectations.


Little Blessings said...

Having had two extremely challenging toddlers, my only advice is stick to whatever program you have going on. If what he is doing is not ok then the answer is "No, stop, come back here" and so on until he gets it. I totally get how frustrating and depleting it can be when you feel like all you do is say negative things. The corner will come though I promise and you will see that all your hard work has paid off in the end. I see amazing improvement with Zane now that he is 5. And the glimmers of hope started when he was about 3. Although they were far and few between it kept me going. Now at 5 we mostly have good days. Occasionally it is still rough though.

As for when you are out. My rule has always been follow my directions or get strapped in the stroller. And I don't apologize or feel badly for it. They did not listen and obey so they have to get in. Temper tantrum and screaming get them no where. I usually just keep telling them they should have listened and obeyed. Eventually he will get it. Firm boundaries are good now because when you have two running in opposite directions it will be three times as frustrating. Frustrated at each kid and then at yourself for not dealing with it earlier.

Keep on with the potty training! Boys just take longer. And he is quite young in the potty training world.

Simmons Family said...

Yah, what she said! Except insert Connor where she put Zane ;) He got put in the cart at the store just the other day! Sounds like you had a rough day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.