Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creepy, Crawlies are the Best!

William has been VERY obsessed with all things creepy and crawly these days. Especially Tarantulas. The Natural History Museum has a great Insect Zoo exhibit, and they always have bugs you can actually hold and touch so I knew he would get a kick out of it. We braved the Metro and got to the museum about 11. We ended up staying till 3pm! William had such a great time watching all the bugs and touching a wide variety of critters. We also got to witness a tarantula attacking a killing it's meal- a grasshopper, and we got to see a recently molted tarantula exoskeleton. Pretty neat. William was so worn out after today he fell asleep on me while riding home on the Metro. I made a point out of setting out with no big plans or schedule for today and I think it helped us both enjoy the day more. I let him lead the entire experience and I felt better not having to urge him on or take him away from something he was really enjoying. I am going to try and squeeze in as many of these fun trips out as I can before the baby comes, I know it will be a while till I feel ready to take 2 kids on the Metro alone!

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