Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mommy vs. Baby: Who will win?

Ugh. For some reason Jason is having little to no trouble getting William to clean up, but I am having a HORRIBLE time. Defiant as can be, he ignores, won't make eye contact, and throws mega tantrums all to avoid putting 20 poker chips back into a jar! I am keeping my expectations as reasonable as can be, realizing that he is little, and may not understand all that I am saying. But then I think; Hey! He does it when Daddy asks! I am also trying to keep it upbeat, relaxed and fun, until honestly I get so frustrated I either clean it up myself or give up. I just wish I knew why he was choosing to defy me so much, why not Daddy too?

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Simmons Family said...

Oh, if only we could see inside their little heads!