Thursday, November 12, 2009

For The Love of Pete- Eat Something!!!

William is not eating much these days and it is freaking me out. Basically, he will eat one meal a day and sometimes not even that. If he likes the food then he scarfs it down, but if he doesn't like it, he simply pushes the plate away and says that he's done. It is worrying me because he is not really putting on weight anymore and is becoming pickier and pickier! I always said I wouldn't let my kids eat anything at a meal but what I served, but now I am second guessing myself. If he flat out refuses to eat all day, should I serve him something I know he will eat? Even if it isn't the healthiest option? For example, this morning I served him whole wheat cinnamon waffles,turkey sausage, and grapes, he ate a little bit, maybe 25%, then at lunch I served him beans and rice with chicken, oranges and cheese, hoping he would eat at least the oranges and cheese, he didn't touch any of it!! Then at dinner he took one look at the chicken enchiladas, peas, and grapes and pushed it all away. I then got desperate and made him mac n cheese and hot dog, which he then gobbled down 80% of along with all the grapes and some peas from the first plate. Was I wrong to give him the mac n cheese? Did I just sell myself down the river to a life time of cooking 2 different meals every night? I hope not....I just want him to eat something!

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Little Blessings said...

They will not starve themselves. I promise. Stick to your guns. As long as it isn't too spicy or weird I think you just keep at it. If you feel too bad later on feed him some yogurt or something but at dinner time stick to what the family is eating. Some evenings my crew eats shockingly little. Then I tell them they can have more dinner. They have learned to eat dinner or be hungry til breakfast. Good luck. IT is no fun at all to be tough!