Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I have been tagged as a creative blogger. I am supposed to name 7 of my favorite things and then tag 7 others....

1. Jason: I met him on a fire escape and I knew he was going to be a very important person to me. We have grown up together and somehow managed to grow closer together while doing it. He is my opposite in so many ways, and yet somehow we work perfectly. He is the nicest person I have ever met, and is the most patient person in the whole world. I truly believe that he was sent to me by God to heal all the pain I lived through prior to my current life.

2. Pudd: William was so wanted. He is the product of so many years of yearning and dreaming. He has filled a void that was in this house and makes everyday so much more fun and exciting! No matter how many kids we have, I suspect that he will always have a extra special place in my heart, he has made me a Mommy, and made us a family!

3. My Mom: My Mama has seen me through the best and worst days of my life. She is one of the first people I seek out for advice, and she is my best friend. She and I have been through a lot together and I know I can count on her for anything. She is the absolute definition of unconditional love and unselfish motherhood.

4. Books: When I was little and we didn't have the resources to buy things very often, there was one wonderful place that I could go. The LIBRARY. There was no limit to how many books I could take home. This was the one place that I could go and load up to my hearts content! Books have always been an escape for me. You could forget about all the harsh reality of life and spend an afternoon making cheese with Ma Ingalls, or exploring a Secret Garden with Mary. Wonderful. It also was a way of opening my eyes to the world that was there, but unseen by me. I could explore countries, animals, cultures, all kinds of things I would have never been exposed to in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

5. Being a Nurse: I love my job. I love being there for people at pinnacle moments in their lives. I love seeing someone get better, or more recently, get pregnant! I have laughed and cried with so many people, given hope to some, and have had to break devastating news to others. I look forward to getting further education and continuing to care for people for the rest of my life.

6. Cooking and Food: Sadly, it is my friend and foe. I love to cook, and I am good at it. I love to eat what I cook. I love to go out and eat. I derive so much pleasure from good food. I won't eat just anything, it has to be really good. One thing I have learned from weight watchers is that if it isn't really good, it's not worth eating. I hate what over eating has done to my poor body, but I still love food. I LOVE eating food from other countries and then finding out how to make it. We eat lots of food from other countries now in this house, and I love that William already loves curry!

7: Luxury and Appreciating it: I love having the luxury of heat and air conditioning! I love running water, having food, and a car that runs, and more than 3 shirts! I love that William will never know what it's like to be cold all the time, and have an empty fridge. I have been blessed to have these luxuries. And I have been given the gift of knowing what life is like without them.

(That's all...Sam, and Teresa have already done it!)

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