Friday, March 13, 2009

Corned Beef and Consignment

These are the two new faces Pudd makes when he is preparing to try and throw a good fit.

This is the puppy I bought. Note his cloth diaper cover matches the Puppy!

The Cute Rug I scored for 12 bucks!

Will decided to use his music table to climb up into the window sill.

I made our traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage tonight since Jason will be in Pittsburgh for the actual day. It was so good, but I always remember why I never make it. I made 6 lbs and we ate almost all of it today! How naughty! It's so addictive though! Last night was the twice a year Consignment sale I attend here. This time I volunteered to work 4 hours so I got to go in before everyone else and shop. I got this adorable rug, a slide, the blue rocking puppy, puzzles, books, and some really great barely used Stride Right shoes in his upcoming size! I also got the Little People pirate ship, it is adorable! I will take a picture tomorrow for the blog, it is in Pudd's room and he's asleep. Will has been climbing, as you can see. Today he climbed up onto a chair and onto the table. He also climbs into his stroller, and basically anything else he can manage. Tonight he fed himself almost all of a cup of applesauce. Very methodically too. I could tell he was really trying to get it into his mouth rather than just make a mess. This week has also been a big milestone in language, he is getting so good at handing us the right animal when we ask for it, and now he hands you the cow and says "MMMMmm!" So cute! Jason leaves us on Sunday for the conference. I will be a single Mom for the next few days. Worst of all Jason has to take my beloved laptop with wireless. Ugh. Back to the desktop!

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