Wednesday, March 5, 2014

And Now We Are Six...

William had a fantastic birthday.  He woke up early, opened presents, got doughnuts for breakfast and then went to school.  We brought cupcakes to class, and gave out reading activity goodie bags based on Dr Seuss stories.  The kids loved them!  Will was sung to by his class and got a card and a birthday bag to bring home.  After school we came home and tried out the power wheels.  The snow was still too deep on the sidewalk, but it did ok on the driveway.  We went to dinner at his favorite Space Alien Café, (it's kinda like Pizza Planet) and then we came home for more presents and some Lego building.  All in all a good birthday.  I did his annual likes list last night:
Food: Chicken Nuggets
Superhero: Batman
Color: Red
Place to Eat:  Alien Restaurant
Book: Batman Books
Movie/Show:  Superhero Squad
What I want to be:  Police Officer
Song: Thank You God
Snack: Fruit Snacks
Vacation: African Jungle
Person: Everyone
Toy: Imaginext Dinosaurs
Store: Target
He also wanted to add that he loves to dance to his Kidz Bop music CD's.

He has his 6 year visit next Monday and I am looking forward to seeing how tall he has gotten!  I know he hasn't gained much, he is seriously skin and bones, but I know he has gotten a lot taller! 
This has been such a big year for William, and I am looking forward to seeing what the next year brings!  We love you William, you are such a great kid, and everyone who meets you recognizes how special you are!   Happy 6th Birthday my Pudd...

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