Monday, March 10, 2014

Now We Are Six: Part 2...

Assembling the Power Wheels with Dad...

Love It!

Presents before school...

Batman Lego Clock!

Gift Card for more Legos! Whoohoo!

Aunt Molly and Uncle Richard sent some great phonics readers- Will is reading them all on his own!

The class sang "Happy Birthday" and Will danced around while they sang to him...and then we ate Spiderman cupcakes!

Will's Birthday Cake

The Birthday Boy!

Will and Charlie LOVE the truck!  Will even let's Charlie drive and he operates the radio...

This weekend we went to the zoo, since it was warmer...28 degrees!

William stopped off at Toys R Us to spend his gift card...So thrilled!

Today was William's 6 year well child visit.  It was great!
William's visit went well today.  He is growing well, despite almost never eating...
Age 5                              Age 6
Wt:  46lbs                    Wt:  49lbs (60th%)
Ht: 44.3 in                    Ht:  46.75in (75th%)

He had his Hemoglobin checked today to see if he was anemic, and he wasn't so that's good.  The Dr also said that he that it's ok to not force him to take a bite of food that he doesn't want to eat, that he can just take a test lick...When we make him take a bite he makes himself throw up so I am less inclined to do that, LOL!  He is such a picky eater!  She was happy with everything development wise, and we don't have to go back for a year.  No shots today, so Will only had to get poked for the blood test, so he was only slightly freaked out. All in all a healthy little man!

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