Sunday, February 9, 2014

William 5.11

William wanted to pose instead of sitting on the ice.  What a character!

William plays the cardiology version of Operation...

It's seems so funny for him to be old enough now to sit down and play on the computer...

Will got Magformers from Grandma and Grandpa...They are so fun!

He was thrilled to get Monkey With a Toolbelt!  It's such a funny book!

When William goes to museums I really see the little engineer in him...he is determined and creative when facing a problem.  I am sure he will follow in Daddy's footsteps. 
William is almost 6!  He is changing so quickly.  He loves Kindergarten, and still loves his teacher.  He has truly figured out how reading works and is even recognizing silent E's and stuff like that.  He reads words around him all the time, and even wants to read to me at bedtime!  I am so proud of him!  He is writing us  notes which are so cute and funny.  The other night he left a note for Grandma in the bathroom!  Math is still really easy for him and I am amazed at how number concepts come naturally to him, because they have NEVER come easily for me.  Thank goodness for Jason's DNA. He is really into being a spy lately, and loves lego's, dinos, and Wild Kratts on PBS.  We are looking forward to celebrating his Birthday next month.  He has decided on getting a Power Wheels rather than having a party, I just wish they made one that is a snow mobile!

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